March 17, 2022

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Faculty development programme for teachers: A complete Assistance

Sometimes, the thought of not having a specific plan for professional development and then going around to use their time wisely puts them in a nervous state. Some might even have such opportunities but do not have enough funds to fuel them. At teachers only in Mumbai, the best faculty development program for teachers is provided to make sure that every educator gets help in enhancing himself. Teachers are the special and powerful people in the world who shape the future generation. They are the nation builders, leaders, and business owners. Hence, teachers must possess some skills to make them more efficient in their profession.

To enhance the performance of teachers and imbibe values like leadership development and moral education majorly, our faculty development program for teachers is available. The institute will train several teachers and provide them an opportunity to meet other members from across different disciplines. In detail, our faculty development program for teachers includes workshops on topics linked with Quality Enhancement in Education and Research; Promoting Critical Thinking among Students; Exposing Young Teachers to Different Disciplines; Advanced Faculty Development Programme for Teachers and Management Development Programme for Principals.

The main objective of our training program is to equip teachers with the best possible teaching practices, abilities, methods that will make them stand out from others and help them to become the most successful teacher in their respective fields. We provide you with complete assistance in conducting a faculty development program for teachers on any topic of your choice. Our high-impact faculty development program for teachers is designed to enhance your competition and help you achieve your teaching goals. We’re helping you in becoming an interactive teacher by imparting the best training and ongoing support by integrating teaching skills into the educational system. Our comprehensive guide will assist you with effective development allowing you to expose yourself as an internationally recognized teaching professional.

UGC-approved faculty development programs for college teachers, university teacher training, and special education teacher courses are some of the exclusive features we offer. Our organization is purely dedicated to assisting the teachers in developing a career and catering to their unique needs in every possible aspect. Every teacher aspires to set up his/her career as a successful teacher with the latest techniques and teaching methodology. It is a program or short course aimed to improve the content and pedagogical skills and bring improvements in the process of school education.

A special education teacher strives to help students with emotional or physical disabilities and developmental delays. Special education teachers work mainly with students aged 5 to 21.

This course is intended to introduce a new and different understanding of disability, disability issues, and changing perspectives. Participants will also have an introduction to assistive technology and universal learning design. The VISION of the program is to develop the leadership capacity in program managers and to expand their vision, knowledge, and skills for administering, strengthening, and expanding family support programs.