November 29, 2020

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5 Innovations that Make an Easy Trade

The influx of technology has affected our lives. Despite its disadvantages, it undeniably made us do certain things in the fastest and easiest way.  At the moment, we can see traces of technological advancement in fields such as education, communication, lifestyle and the most amazing discovery is business and trading. It was not so long ago when computers took over the role of physical exchanges intended for trading forexAt first, there were only a few traders who believed in such a platform but as years pass by, more and more people are now switching to digital trading because they recognize its convenience. For today’s post, we will look back to the  5 trading innovations which made Forex an easy trade for everyone.

1.Mobile Aps

Due to the volatility of currency in the market, it would be a hassle to imagine trading without the use of mobile apps. This would mean calling your broker every now and then just to get updates of the latest forex rates in the market. With the invention of mobile apps, tracking your day to day expenses and status of your positions can now be done in a single tap.

  1. Smart Phones

The invention of mobile trading apps came hand in hand with the creation of top caliber smartphones that work almost the same as our computer units. There are softwares that were created solely for mobile phone trading. Some of these softwares work best in the latest smartphone models while others have versions that are compatible for older ones.

  1. Computers

Some experienced and expert traders invest in the use of multiple computer monitors when trading forex. When someone trades with multiple monitor set-up, he has to install 2 or more monitors in his workspace to make sure that all charts, indicators and market rates are closely monitored.The trick to successfully create a good  multiple monitor setup is to determine whether your computer has the necessary hardware to handle the graphic requirements for multiple monitors. You can also opt to purchase company-built multiple monitor array matrices typically consist of a 2-monitor matrix, 3-monitor matrix or even more if you have a budget.

  1. Cellular Connections

Screen traders whether they use the mobile phone or computer require a good internet connection to perform and monitor someone’s trading actions. For mobile phones, traders have commonly enjoyed the benefits brought by 4G connections. But just lately, telecommunication companies have introduced 5G connectivity. This means that traders  can now enjoy three times wider network coverage,  faster upload and download speeds, and increased network stability compared to 4G.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

As mentioned in some technology and trading sources, some forex platforms incorporate the use of AI in the field of predictive analytics. With this being realized, traders can create better trading moves  based on a given market behaviour data. It would be great to witness how AI works on the management of heavy tasks and analysis. Thus,  traders will no longer have a divided attention. They will only be focussed on the performance of their trades and the analysis is left to the AI.


Technology is indeed a powerful tool towards the evolution of people’s lives as well as trader’s experience in the market. It is created to make lives better and simpler so what we have to do is to embrace and adapt the wonderful advantages that it offers us.