January 15, 2019

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5 Gifts that will keep you at the Top of Your Clients Minds

Today’s customers have more choices than ever when it comes to the products and services they buy. So, it’s always a good idea to take the time to show your clients that you appreciate them. A great way to do this is through memorable client gifts.

A thoughtful client gift can encourage continued customer loyalty and set your business up for a positive start in the new year. According to recent research conducted by the Promotional Products Association International, 83 percent of consumers are more likely to do business with brands from which they receive branded gifts. What’s great is that there is no shortage of creative, practical and customisable client appreciation gifts that you can create to keep at the top of clients’ minds throughout the year.

In this post, we share a few ideas for unique, yet useful, appreciation gifts to say thank you to your customers.


Branded keyrings are an ideal client gift choice because they’re not only practical, but they are also highly visible. One popular option is a handy trolley-coin keyring, which will save your customers the hassle of searching for a pound coin and remind your clients of how useful your company is every time they visit the shop.

There are countless ways you can gift keyrings! For example, a car sales specialist might present his client with the keys to his new car on a lovely branded keyring. Or, you might use keyrings as a special gift or promotion. Retailers, for example, could offer shoppers a high-end, collectable keyring with any order placed within a specific timeframe. The limited-time nature of the gift could help inspire additional purchases during crucial times of the year.

Tote Bags

As more people look for eco-friendly alternatives to using single-use plastics, tote bags are fast becoming a go-to replacement, making them the perfect client appreciation gift. The great thing about tote bags, is that they’re not only highly functional, but also cost-effective. Consider gifting clients a goodie-filled tote bag at events or incorporating it into a giveaway campaign. Take for example, this Instagram contest from publisher Simon and Schuster, in which people can enter to win a copy of Cecile Richard’s book, Make Trouble, plus a matching tote bag, bookmark and pins.


A well-crafted, branded notebook is an appreciated gift by any client. Consider creating a set of custom notebooks in your company colours or with a subtle logo printed on the cover. Clients are bound to be thankful for a more organised approach to taking notes, and will be reminded of your company every time they use it. Another idea is to create matching pens to include with your notebooks to create a complete gift set.

Travel Mugs

Similar to tote bags, travel mugs are becoming a popular client gift for the eco-conscious company. An increasing number of cafes and coffee shops are doing away with paper coffee cups, making travel mugs a popular and practical choice. Consider gifting a durable and striking travel mug, and you may be surprised by how much exposure you gain from it.

Another idea is to package your mugs in a branded gift box to give them that extra added touch.

Reusable Water Bottles

Last, but not least, are reusable water bottles. As with totes and travel mugs, branded water bottles are an eco-friendly choice that will guarantee your brand gets seen time and time again. Around 13 billion plastic bottles are used every year in the UK, and just over half end up being recycled. Today, even retailers are starting to pitch in, with one major UK supermarket saying it will stop using clear plastic water bottles as it opts for more recycled plastic. By gifting customised water bottles, you can help your customers make a positive impact on the environment while reminding them of your value every day.

Today, there are many options available, from sports bottles to metal or aluminum flasks. There are even bottles with a built-in reusable straw to reduce the pollution from plastic straws. So, no matter your budget or brand, there’s a water bottle to suit you.

No matter your customer base or industry, this list of memorable and practical gifts is bound to keep you top of mind with your clients. With a little planning and creativity, you can create a customized gift that leaves a lasting impression.